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Casino Empire Review

Sup, Killerbunnytv!

I bet I know why you are here reading this review. I bet you are here because you like to – bet? Now, before you murder me for my horrible jokes, allow me this Casino Empire review.

The first time I looked at this website made me feel as if I stumbled onto something that’s five times above my paygrade. To tell you the truth, the moment I logged into the Casino Empire site, my first thought was: um, am I in the right place? It looks like a millionaire club or some kind of a yacht club.

It was a bit overwhelming, but after I snapped back to reality, I resumed my mission to inform players about all the good stuff – slots, video poker, live casino, and more. Let’s roll!

About Casino Empire

Casino Empire is launched in 2018 and is licensed in Curacao. From the onset, players will find Casino Empire has a simple mantra – provide a big welcome package to lure in all the true-blue bonus hunters.

One thing that the Casino Empire interface screams is “NEW”. Everything about the site feels fresh, for better or worse. Indeed, a quick scroll down the homepage reveals that Casino Empire really wants to stand out. They proudly host an impressive game lineup of licensed games with stunning visuals.

As someone who visits truckloads of online casinos, I can really appreciate it when the website doesn’t bombard me with a copious amount of slots, table games, poker, and bonuses at the same time. I do like a little bit of minimalist class and I don’t mind scrolling down to see what most players are playing and which slots have the hottest bonus.

That being said, I find it strange that Casino Empire decided to withhold unregistered players from accessing all of their games, Killerbunnytv. While most online casinos will happily let you take a few demo spins on their slot games and maybe attend some live dealer games, Casino Empire has a “guest list only” policy.  Until you create an account, Killerbunnytvwsing the Casino Empire website will feel more like window shopping than being in a casino.

Naturally, I would have created an account anyway even if I wasn’t planning to review Casino Empire – but I have to say it made me feel a little uneasy. I mean, let me survey the casino a bit before I decide to commit, amirite?


Casino Empire sure loves its guest lists. Not only do players have to be buffed, beautiful, and bitchin but they also have to come from a specific country. Yet unlike most online casinos, they aren’t that picky about where their visitors come from and only have a few playcountries (hopefully, yours isn’t on the list).

The following countries are restricted: Israel, South Africa, Italy, Denmark, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Casino Empire Review

Casino Empire Bonuses

Alright, Empire Casino, I’m here, I got money to spend and I’m ready to play games.

My absolute favorite part of any casino review is pointing out the bonuses and, unfortunately, there really isn’t much to talk about here. You would think that with a name as royal as “Casino Empire” you will be treated like royalty but the reality is quite different.

Despite its beautiful design and prestigious looks, Empire casino only seems to host a welcome bonus. That’s it! No VIP bonuses, no loyalty program, no special times to get the maximum deposit bonus. Not even free spins, Killerbunnytv.

This might be a pretty big deal-breaker to some players. I was prepared to write a long section about every single bonus available in this Casino Empire review, but I can’t simply because there aren’t any. The welcome bonus is their only selling point.

Needless to say, Empire Casino might need to consider making a better offer – especially to new players – if it wants to stay relevant to the online casino industry.

Welcome Bonus

Fortunately, the Casino Empire welcome bonus offers some real value. With up to 5 deposit bonuses you can potentially earn a maximum of $CA3700 bonus depending on how much you deposit.

The only hoop players need to jump through is entering the bonus code in order to take advantage of these deposit bonuses. Lucky for you, I have these bonus codes right here and am more than happy to share them with you. Enjoy your bonus codes!

Here are the details about the welcome bonus:

  • First deposit bonus: Minimum deposit $CA20 or more, Get 200% bonus up to $CA2000; bonus code: WELCOME200
  • Second deposit bonus: Minimum deposit $CA20 or more, Get 100% bonus up to $CA200; bonus code: SECOND200
  • Third deposit bonus: Minimum deposit $CA20 or more, Get 50% bonus up to $CA500; bonus code: WELCOME3
  • Fourth deposit bonus: Minimum deposit $CA20 or more, Get 50% bonus up to $CA500; bonus code: WELCOME4
  • Fifth deposit bonus: Minimum deposit $CA20 or more, Get 50% bonus up to $CA500; bonus code: WELCOME5


Free Spins

OK, Killerbunnytvs some bad news. Unfortunately, it seems that guys in Casino Empire don’t believe in Free Spins. I knooow it sucks, but you must admit their welcome package is kicks-ass. So we might let this one slip, but, buuuut only because the Casino Empire looks and feels so fancy it feels like we’re royalty when you’re playing there.


Casino Empire Games






Video Poker

Jacks or Better



While Casino Empire isn’t big with promotions, they certainly aren’t lacking when it comes to casino games. As I already mentioned above, Casino Empire offers quite a few licensed games but they also lack some popular games you can typically find in other online casinos.

You’ll find all the usual suspects when it comes to game slots, live casino, table games like poker, roulette, and blackjack. Again, please keep in mind that without an account you won’t be able to even try any of these games, Killerbunnytv. 

Slot Games

When it comes to slot games, the casino hosts about 1000 slot games, which may seem little compared to other other casinos. But then again, you’ll find gambling magnets, such as the Game of Thrones slots game.

Now if you are like me, one of the 10 people in the world who has never seen a Game of Thrones episode, there are still plenty of slots to go around. Maybe you will enjoy the dedmau5 slots game, or perhaps Tarzan. What about a Jurassic park slots game? Maybe you’ve heard of Playboy? Did you know the late Hugh Hefner has an official game under his belt?

In all honesty, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of familiar slots. Not many other online casinos host games like these. I think that The Game of Thrones slots game is one of the best looking games I’ve ever played in a casino and I doubt I’ll find anything as glorious. Unless I go to Vegas, that is.

Overall, Casino Empire hosts a rather small but unique library of slot games that you can’t really play in many other online casinos.

Table Games

Just like most online casinos out there, Empire hosts a couple of dozen table games for players who need a break from their usual slots. You’ve got the usual suspects, such as roulette, both American roulette and European roulette, a number of blackjack games, some scratch cards and quite a few video poker games.

In the case of video poker, I was really surprised to see that Empire offers such a wide variety of video poker games, Killerbunnytv.

Live Casino Games

Of course, we can’t forget to mention live casino games. As of writing this Casino Empire review, Empire offers exactly 23 live dealer games. I always say that there is something magical about live dealer table games and I was curious to see what the site has to offer. From live blackjack to live roulette along with a few Lucky spin games and some baccarat, Empire casino isn’t lacking in the live play department.


While Empire casino does work well on mobile devices, it does not have its own dedicated app, which is understandable. If you absolutely need your games slots, blackjack, poker on the comfort of your toilet, you can do so on your mobile device. Just go to their website, from your phone, and play away. Mind you, the mobile version is a little clunky to use but perfectly functional if mobile is your only option.

Casino Empire Bonus

Casino Empire Deposit / Withdrawal Methods

Empire Casino is more than happy to take your real money and turn it into hours of fun, but the casino isn’t shy about taking cryptocurrency either. If you happen to have some bitcoin that you wish to wager, you can do so easily on the Empire casino site.

Deposit methods include:

MasterCard, American Express, FXMB, Bitcoin, Neteller, Paysafecard, NeoSurf, EPS, MultiBanco, MisterCash, Giropay, EuTeller, ePay

Withdrawal methods include:

Bank Transfer – No Fees 24-48h Min. 200 EURO – Max. 5000 EURO
Bitcoin – No Fees 24-48h Min. 200 EURO – Max. 5000 EURO

Accepted Currencies

Casino Empire accepts the following currencies: BTC, AUD, CAD, ZAR, EUR, and INR.

Customer Support

Always make sure to find live support as soon as you visit a new online casino site. Never underestimate the value of great customer support. Thankfully, unlike Empire Casino promotions, the live chat is there and is working without too much trouble.

While the live chat options are in German, the customer support does speak a number of languages, so you won’t have any trouble should you need to use the live chat. Make sure to contact support to redeem your first deposit bonus.

I did contact the live chat support to ask them a few questions for this review and I am happy to say that a representative responded within the first minute and was more than happy to help me. I think the support guy may have been a bit disappointed that I wasn’t asking to redeem the welcome bonus or suggest slots to be added but he was still kind enough to give me the info I needed.

Available Languages

The Empire casino site supports the following languages: English, French, Italian, German.

Casino Empire Review Summary

As much as I’d love to end this review by saying that Empire Casino is the best casino in the world, that simply isn’t the case here. While the website looks hella gorgeous and feels as if you are actually in Vegas, it leaves a lot to be desired.

With no free spins, a lack of popular game slots (such as Book of Dead), and strict rules about what you can and can’t do if you don’t have an account, I found myself a little frustrated when writing this review. Only the welcome bonus promotion gave me some sense of gambling optimism.

In my not-so-humble opinion, there are a lot of things that Empire Casino could do to make its players enjoy the website more. These include more bonuses, more popular slots (where is my Book of Dead?), more ways to withdraw and deposit real money, better mobile support. And most importantly, a way to make players – both new and old – feel that they are being appreciated for spending their time in the casino. A sound loyalty system, for example.

There are many other casinos out there that don’t look nearly as good as this one but still manage to show more appreciation of their players.

However, let me give some positivity to this review and say that Casino Empire has huge potential to become something amazing.

If Casino Empire adds perhaps more bonuses (free spin bonus, loyalty bonus, weekly bonus, birthday bonus – you name it), new ways to win money via promotions and licensed casino games, it could truly become one of the best, if not THE BEST.

As for now, I would say to keep this one on your radar. It’s fairly new and has room for growth. I am looking forward to the day when I pay Empire Casino another visit and update my review for the better. We got you, Killerbunnytv!



  • Is Casino Empire a scam?

    No, Casino Empire is not a scam. While it may be lacking with what other online casinos give you, it is not lacking in security.  The site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layers) in order to keep your information and real money safe and secure. Just like some of the best casinos out there, you can enjoy your every bet knowing that your money is safe and that you won’t get scammed.

  • Where can I find information about Casino Empire Bonuses?

    You can find information about Casino Empire Bonuses on their promotions page. While the maximum bonus might be a good deal, Empire Casino sure could use another bonus or two. I can’t tell you how many times I went through the website trying to find a bonus I may have missed but there just aren’t any. Would it have been so bad to at least give its returning players a few free spins every week?

  • How do withdrawals at Casino Empire work?

    You can withdraw money using bitcoin and bank transfer if you meet the minimum withdrawal amount. While Casino Empire accepts lots of deposit methods, the casino only accepts two types of withdrawal methods. The process usually takes one or two days and can be done as many times as you want as long as you meet the minimum and maximum requirements.

  • Does Casino Empire offer fair games?

    Yes, Casino Empire does offer fair games. I would not review Casino Empire if it didn’t. Fair games are the least we can (and should) expect from any good online casino. You may not win every time you make a bet but it’s all fair at the end of the day.

  • Can Casino Empire refuse to pay out?

    Casino Empire may refuse to pay out in cases of money laundering, fraud, or other illicit activities.

  • Is there a Casino Empire no deposit bonus?

    No, Casino Empire does not offer a no deposit bonus.

  • How long does a Casino Empire withdrawal take?

    At Casino Empire, the withdrawal takes 24-48 hours, give or take.

  • Can I play any of the casino games for free at Casino Empire?

    No, you cannot play Casino Empire games for free. Players won’t be able to do much while visiting the website. It is mandatory to create an account to enable playing games for free. This is a bit unusual as most casinos let players try most online slots for free without needing an account. While this might be a bit disappointing to some players, Empire Casino is one of the very few places where you get to enjoy some of the best slots currently available.

  • Can I claim a Casino Empire welcome offer for live games?

    Yes, you can claim the Casino Empire welcome offer for live games.

  • How to use the Casino Empire free spins?

    Casino Empire does not offer free spins. You may be able to get free spins by rolling a winning combination at slot games, but other than that, players won’t be awarded any.

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