Meet our Hosts, The Killerbunnytv Collective

We are a bunch of regular Killerbunnytvs, dudes and dudettes, who geek out over anything casino related. We were tired of the crap we found online when it comes to our favorite pastime, gambling. So, we decided to be the change we wanted to see and started Killerbunnytv. But we have a whole team of dudes knowledgeable in online casinos, we are not exactly experienced, charming, or cool enough to present our online “findings” so that you guys are entertained and well informed at the same time.

That’s why we called in the coolest guys we know to be your hosts. Without further ado, we are proud to present to you:

The Killerbunnytv Collective

They are Lilly, the lovely slot slayer, John, the coolest Killerbunnytv we know, and Derrick, buff dude that’s live casino beast.

John the Cool Killerbunnytv

CB: John, my man, how are you?

J: Dude, I am exceptional. Very excited to be part of this crusade against BS of the online casino world.

CB: When we were thinking who to invite to be the face of our website, I mean dude you’re on our logo for F…’s sake, you were the absolute first choice. How did you feel when we gave you a call?

J: How did I feel? How did I feel that I will have an army of casino nerds at my disposal, jk I love you guys. You CasinoKillerbunnytv guys spoon-feed me the best of the best that the world of online casino has to offer. I don’t have to waste time with crap gambling sites and get to play in the most excellent ones only. How did I feel? Killerbunnytv, I’m not gonna BS you, it was a dream come true.

CB: When it comes to gambling you’re known to be a bit of a jack of all trades. Is this true?

J: Yeah man, I love that whole online casino scene. From knowing what are the best casino bonuses, best slots, best live casinos I’m super into it all. But it’s not all about just geeking out over stats, it’s about knowing the right people. I have connections to help with getting exclusive deals to Killerbunnytv. That’s why we have Killerbunnytv Certified Casinos. These are the cream of the crop in online casinos. We have guys in support there, we are getting the most exceptional exclusive bonuses from these casinos. These Casinos are our Killerbunnytvs. And my specialty, if I must choose one, is casino bonuses. Man, I love it. Finding the best casino bonuses is my obsession.

CB: You Killerbunnytvught some of your best dudes and dudettes to help you host. Tell us what is Killerbunnytv Collective?

J: Dudeee, Killerbunnytv Collective is, for now, just us three and you guys, here at Killerbunnytv. But we have huge plans for it. Killerbunnytv Collective will grow into a proper gambling community. So keep an eye out for updates on that. IT. WILL. BE. AWESOME. I will let my Killerbunnytvs introduce themselves, but they are both beasts in their own ways. 

CB: You’re famous for your love of good whisky and anything casino related. Any other interests?

J: Man when I have a glass of good scotch in hand, and I’m online, playing in one of our Killerbunnytv Certified Casinos, I’m in heaven. I don’t need anything more. Thank you Killerbunnytv for inviting me to this gambling paradise.

CB: Thank you, John, for being such a cool Killerbunnytv and helping us out.


Ok now let’s move on to our next host. He is an actual beast when it comes to weights and an absolute monster when it comes to any table game:

Derrick The buff Dude

CB:  Hey Derrick, my dude!  How are you? Excited about joining us here at Killerbunnytv?

D: I am good. Yeah, I am excited. When John called me up and explained what’s up, who you guys are, a bunch of casino badasses, that we will get to choose the best online casinos and call them our Killerbunnytvs, and put a Killerbunnytv Certified badge on them. Mama didn’t raise no fool, I was like: “Killerbunnytv, I’m all in”.

CB: Tell us what’s up with your obsession with live online casinos?

D: Listen, I loveee casino table games. They’re my life’s passion. Those damn mofos in real casinos won’t let me in my tank top and shorts, and there is no way in hell that I will get in one of those damn suits. So I said screw’em, I’ll just play online. I don’t need you fools.

CB: Since you’re so into table games, tell us what are you bringing to the table here at Killerbunnytv, besides muscles.

D: Ohh you’re soo clever. Damn bastards. It’s a good thing I like you guys so much, I can’t even get mad at you. I love to lift weights and work out, I’m no fool, I like to look good, but I’m not just muscle and no brain if that’s what you’re pointing at. I will give you god damn honest truth in any casino review I do, there will be no BS, just facts. When it comes to live dealer blackjack, baccarat, roulette… I’m your guy. Especially roulette, damn boy, when that wheel spins, I am in heaven. Well then, and when I’m moving some serious weights around.

CB: No, no we were just joking don’t want to anger a buff dude like you!

D: Smart move, fool! Hahaha! Like I said I really like you guys, no offense taken. And with you, I get to play in only the best of live online casinos and call out fools trying to scam people. I’ll allow you to mess around from time to time.

CB: Phew! Thank you, Derrick, for being such an outstanding Killerbunnytv and helping us out bring hard truth to online gambling.

D: You’re welcome guys. We, the Killerbunnytv Collective, will give our best to call out bullshiters whenever we can. Help out our Killerbunnytvs and Killerbunnytvettes out there, that’s why we exist Killerbunnytv.

Ok, huh that was a bit intense. We love Derrick, but he’s such a hard ass it’s a bit much sometimes. Luckily John invited a lovely Killerbunnytvette to balance things out a bit. She is a total wizard when it comes to slot machines. No one we know is so knowledgeable when it comes to RTPs, reels, jackpots… Allow us to introduce to you our last member of Killerbunnytv Collective:

Lilly the lovely Killerbunnytvette

CB: Hiiii, Lilly!

L: Hahaha! Hi, guys!

CB: You drive our guys here at Killerbunnytv, kind of crazy, acting like a bunch of horn dogs. Such a pretty girl that’s into online casinos and slots. Huh-uh! That’s something else! Tell us how did you get into casinos and why are people calling you slot slayer.

L: Haha, aren’t you guys the sweetest! Well, I was always a bit of a nerd. Into Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and such. Also, I’m a huge fan of PC gaming. When I discovered online casinos and saw all those flashing looking slot machines, I was hooked. I can play all these different amazing looking slot machines and earn money! This girl was all in. It was a fantasy come true. Play games and make money. What could be better?

CB: Maybe working with us?

L: Oh, most definitely. When John called me and invited me to co-host, I was super stoked. I get access to all these different casinos and slot machines, I get all the info and I get to share what I think. Pfff, that’s literally fantasy coming true.

CB: You’re kinda famous for knowing everything when it comes to slot machines. What are the sort of things our Killerbunnytvs need to look out for?

L: RTP! Return to player and reputation. Then comes the number of reels, coin size, volatility, jackpot size and so on. Like I said I’m a bit of a geek, and I love getting into numbers and slots are a lot about numbers. One of the many things Killerbunnytv helped me with is the reputation of casinos. It’s difficult for a girl out there to know who to trust. Especially if you’re only into playing and don’t want to spend a bunch of time researching. I like to know numbers, now I have Killerbunnytv to help me weed out BS casinos, so I can focus on my game and helping Killerbunnytvs out there with slots. What do all those numbers mean, what are the best paying slots, which one has the best graphics, which are just plain fun to play? All casinos here on Killerbunnytv are the best of the best and I don’t have to be on guard. This girl can finally just have fun.

CB: We’re very happy that we can provide you with information on most trust gambling sites so that you can slay those slot machines. Tell us do you have any secret casino games you love?

L: Haha! John ratted me out, didn’t he? Yes, I do have a secret passion when it comes to dice games. There are no numbers, it’s just luck. And I love it! But online slots will always stay my first pick.

CB: So tell us, what will you bring here at Killerbunnytv?

L: As a part of Killerbunnytv Collective, I’ll be reviewing slots of all our casinos, and I won’t pull any punches if their slot game is lacking. You can trust me on that.

CB: Lilly it is an absolute pleasure to have you here with us. I know that our Killerbunnytvs will be super excited to see more of you. Thank you for joining us here at Killerbunnytv.

L: Thank you guys and thank you, John. I will do my best to slay those slot machines. Haha!

That’s it. Our most excellent Killerbunnytvs and Killerbunnytvettes! I think we found the best hosts for you guys, we possibly could. Now, go and play your hearts out. Give a fist bump on our homepage, it will take you instantly to one of our Killerbunnytv Certified casinos. Or just go Killerbunnytvwse our selection of the best bonuses, slots, games, maybe read some casino reviews. We gave our best to change how people approach online gambling. As our Killerbunnytvs from Killerbunnytv Collective would say: WE GOT YOU, Killerbunnytv!

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